Wool Plain/Check

We import from one factory in India that weaves and dye wool. This wool comes from old sweaters (pullovers) which are made from 80/85% pure wool and the balance is a mix of acrylics to give the wool its stability (form) otherwise the wool will stretch.


1. All of our wool is woven to 210cm in width whereas our competitor can only weave to 184cm. This is important as it gives a better drop on the sides of larger horses. Also, for Saddlecloths, it gives 3 pcs across the 210cm width with no wastage.

2. Pure Wool content 80/85% whereas we have found out a competitor has reduced wool content and added extra acrylics in the weave which is causing them problems of an inferior product.

3. There are 2 styles of wool fabric – one called “Kersey” which is the plain colours and the other is called “Collarcheck” which has patterns.

We carry the following in plains (Kersey):

  • Black, Navy, Purple, Pink, Red (Scarlet), Bottle Green, Royal Blue, and Pale Blue.

We carry the following colours in patterns “Collarcheck”:

  • Original (Navy/Gold): Pink/Purple Check: Blackwatch (Tartan): Aqua/Navy: Red/Royal Blue:

4. We sell by roll metreage which averages 20 mtrs/roll plus we cut to metreage length
at a higher price than roll.