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Cotton Binding Tape is a type of edging material that’s made from woven or knitted using high-grade cotton fibers making it an environmentally friendly material. The weaving or knitting process gives the binding tape enough strength for reinforcing fabric, garments, and other materials. But because it has a soft feature, it can also be used to embellish the edges of garments. It is a very versatile binding with very little elasticity that helps maximize the elasticity of garments. These binding tapes are also less resilient and prone to wrinkling and have good absorbency.

Cotton Binding Tape, while considered common, is an essential material in the clothing and textile industry. Because it enables a smooth and professional finish, cotton binding tape is commonly used for apparel, luggage, packaging, and carpets. These are also used for binding edges of bags, covers and mattresses. This is also suitable for stabilizing shoulder seams as well as reinforcing seams.


Cotton Binding here at Vardhman Threads A&E are made from 100% high grade cotton and was manufactured using a herringbone weave. High grade cotton makes the binding tape soft, which makes it ideal for a broad range of application. Made using superior manufacturing process, these binding tapes are quite strong and durable. Our cotton binding tape also has very little elasticity and is highly flexible, offering versatility that’s highly required in binding. Our cotton binding tape is an environmentally friendly alternative to other binding tapes and is perfect for various types of projects and applications. They can be great materials for a broad range of applications, offering not only flexibility, but also durability and strength, as well as smooth finished edge.


Vardhman Threads is one of the leading stockists of trusted brands of binding tapes, webbings, and sewing threads in Australia. Our goal is to bring back personal service to an industry that has lost its friendly touch. Apart from binding, we also supply threads, fittings, and fabrics at reasonable prices.

Vardhman Threads also aim to provide the best quality binding tapes. Thus, we ensure that all products we sell at our store are made from premium-grade raw materials. Adding the materials with our superior manufacturing processes, our binding tapes were made to maintain their strength. All the parts and fittings that we house have been sourced from all over the world. We distribute our high-quality products not only in Australia but also in New Zealand.