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Waterproof – 170/180 gsm:   Width - 150cm plus;  Cut length – Minimum  = 2mtrs

Colours available:  Black,  Navy,  Aqua,  Purple


600D Polyester Ripstop PU Coat Fabric is a medium weight fabric that boasts exceptional durability and hard-wearing properties. This type of fabric weighs about 250gsm, has a warp breaking force of about 2300 N and weft breaking force of 1600 N according to AS 2001.2.16 test method. AS 2001.2.10 test method also shows that it is able to withstand warp and weft tearing force of 140 N.

600D Polyester Ripstop PU Coat Fabric is made from 100% polyester, which is a fabric that’s known for its strength and durability. Polyester fabric is one of the most popular textiles in the world. It is commonly used in thousands of industrial and consumer applications. It’s a synthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum, but there are some that are plant-based and biodegradable. Apart from strength and durability, it is also a breathable material.

600D Polyester Ripstop PU Coat Fabric is coated with Polyurthane paint, thereby adding a strong water-repellent characteristic to the fabric. This characteristic also helps prevent the accumulation of dirt. Additionally, since this is lighter than canvas, it is easier to clean and maintain. In addition to this, the coating gives the fabric high abrasion, impact, and tear resistance. PU Coating also gives the fabric extra added tensile strength and UV resistance, which makes it ideal for outdoor products..

600D Polyester Ripstop PU Coat Fabric, even with the PU Coating, this fabric is a light, compact, and versatile fabric. It is also a cost-effective fabric. Aside from Polyester being cheaper than Nylon, the production process is also simpler, requiring fewer resources and less energy, which leads to lower production costs. Plus, due to its lightweight and compact characteristics, this fabric is also cost-effective to transport.

600D Polyester Ripstop PU Coat Fabric is truly a wonderful textile, which is why it is used in a wide range of applications from simple accessories such as coin bags, to daypacks, backpacks, and camera bags. It is also a popular fabric in the equestrian industry where it is used to create horse rugs and accessories. It is also a popular choice for making dog coats and accessories. This fabric is also a suitable choice for canoe covers and snake pit covers. This is also an ideal fabric for creating tents as well as bags and luggage.

Fabric Australia

Vardhman Threads is one of the leading stockists of trusted brands of fabrics in Australia. Our goal is to bring back personal service in an industry that has lost its friendly touch. Apart from high quality fabrics, we also supply webbings, bindings, fittings, and sewing threads at reasonable prices.

Vardhman Threads also aim to provide the best quality fabrics, webbings, and threads. Thus, we ensure that all products we sell at our store are made from premium-grade raw materials. All the parts and fittings that we house have been sourced from all over the world. We distribute our high-quality products not only in Australia but also in New Zealand.