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25mm Polyester Binding Tape is one of the sizes of binding or strapping tapes stocked by Vardhman Threads A&E. These binding tapes are ideal for finishing raw edges of fabrics and can be used for edge binding horse rugs and saddlecloths. Nevertheless, these can also be used in the bedding industry.

25mm Polyester Binding Tape was woven in a herringbone pattern using high-quality polyester fibers. Combining high-quality materials with superior manufacturing processes, our binding tapes can be used for enclosing, reinforcing and/or finishing the edges of fabrics, garments, etc. Our polyester binding tapes are highly durable that’s designed to offer strength and support, while also offering a polished finish to different projects. Its weave or knit structure makes it resistant to fraying, stretching, and tearing.

25mm Polyester Binding Tape is also lightweight and flexible. Our binding tapes offer boundless possibilities when it comes to creativity and customization as it is a highly versatile material. Our polyester strapping tapes are easy to maintain as it can withstand dry cleaning, machine washing, and ironing – a truly convenient option for domestic and commercial applications. With our manufacturing processes, our binding tapes are able to retain their vibrant appearance even after prolonged exposure to UV rays, washing, or chemical treatments; thereby adding enhanced visual appeal to the finished product. Aside from 25mm, we also have 32mm polyester binding tape and 36mm polyester binding tape.


Vardhman Threads A&E stocks a wide selection of Polyester Binding Tape. Our Polyester Binding Tape is made from high quality, high strength Polyester fabric and features a herringbone pattern. This type of tape is commonly used in the bedding industry. They are also suitable to use on aprons, shoulder straps for bags, and tap top curtains. They can also be used as reinforcement on director’s chairs. This tape is also used to add extra strength and durability to fabric for eyelet and press stud joins, as well as tracksuits and windcheaters.


Vardhman Threads is one of the leading stockists of trusted brands of binding tapes, webbings, and sewing threads in Australia. Our goal is to bring back personal service to an industry that has lost its friendly touch. Apart from binding, we also supply threads, fittings, and fabrics at reasonable prices.

Vardhman Threads also aim to provide the best quality binding tapes. Thus, we ensure that all products we sell at our store are made from premium-grade raw materials. Adding the materials with our superior manufacturing processes, our binding tapes were made to maintain their strength. All the parts and fittings that we house have been sourced from all over the world. We distribute our high-quality products not only in Australia but also in New Zealand.