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Seat Belt Webbing is commonly made using polyester. However, unlike the regular Polyester Webbing, it is thinner and has lower tensile strength. This type of webbing got its name from its main purpose, which is as a seat belt. But over the years, aside from being used as automotive restraints, these have been used as integral part of other products such as bag straps, camping gear, tents, tarps, and more.

Seat Belt Webbing, although thinner, is used for rugged applications because it does not shrink and rot. It also has resistance towards mildew and mold as it absorbs very little water. It is also UV resistant and can withstand a wide range of acids.

Vardhman Webbing Australia

Vardhman Threads houses a collection of premium quality, Australian-made seat belt webbing in Australia. Our webbing products set themselves apart from other webbing products in the market. Our seat belt webbing is made from high grade polyester using proven manufacturing processes and techniques and time-tested manufacturing equipment. Each webbing strap undergoes meticulous quality check to ensure that they meet Australian Standards.

Vardhman Threads Seat Belt Webbing has good UV and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is lightweight, but strong and durable at the same time. Most of our seat belt straps have a rated strength of 1000kg and come in a 100-meter roll. This webbing fabric comes in different sizes and colors to match your materials. Our product can be used in a vast array of applications such as bag straps, legs straps on horse rugs, dog collars, and more.

Webbings and Sewing Threads Australia

Vardhman Threads is one of the leading stockists of trusted brands of webbings and sewing threads in Australia. Our goal is to bring back personal service to an industry that has lost its friendly touch. Apart from threads, we also supply bindings, fittings, and fabrics at reasonable prices.

Vardhman Threads also aim to provide the best quality threads. Thus, we ensure that all products we sell at our store are made from premium-grade raw materials. We also ensure that our products are made using the most trusted manufacturing methods with little to no impact on the environment. All the parts and fittings that we house have been sourced from all over the world. We distribute our high-quality products not only in Australia but also in New Zealand. Vardhman Threads houses a wide range of webbings including Polypropylene Webbing, Seat Belt Webbing, PVC Webbing, Cotton Webbing, and Polyester Webbing.