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Polar Fleece is a type of fleece fabric that’s made from very thin looped polyester threads that are knitted together. At least, one side is brushed to loosen the fibers, thereby building volume. This process also helps create small air pockets and makes the fabric soft and fuzzy. This fabric was first made in 1979 in Massachusetts. It was meant to mimic or even surpass wool. In the 1990’s it’s been used as a fabric for making cold-weather apparel, not only for women, but for men and children as well. Nowadays, it has become a common type of fabric that is perfect for dressmaking projects due to its many features.

Characteristics of Polar Fleece

Polar Fleece is a lightweight fabric that’s also soft and warm. Such characteristics make it comfortable to wear as clothing. Thus, it is often used for making blankets, jackets, hoodies, gym clothes, hats, sweaters, sweatpants, and cloth diapers. This fabric is also used for small animal care. This type of fleece has a double-sided pile and is thicker, it is also warmer, which is why it is frequently used for making outdoor clothing.

Polar Fleece commonly comes in a variety of thickness, however, with thickness it also has less flexibility. The heavier and thicker are commonly much warmer. This fleece is typically available in micro, 100, 200, and 300 variants. The number is a representation of the fabric’s weight in terms of grams per square meters.

Polar Fleece is a highly breathable fabric, which adds comfort to the wearer. It also has natural water repellant property and dries quickly. It can even keep the wearer warm even when it’s wet. This fabric is also easy to clean and maintain. It is also resistant to piling and fading. It dries quickly which adds to its functionality.

Fabric Australia

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