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PVC Fabric, also known as “vinyl clothing”, is a type of fabric or cloth made from plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is a type of fabric that became established during the fashion trends of the 1960s and early 1970s, where designers used it to design futuristic clothes such as boots, dresses, raincoats, etc. It became a part of people’s fashion in the mid-1990s, being particularly used to make jackets, skirts, and trousers. This fabric would be often seen worn by actors, actresses, presenters, singers, and other celebrities on TV and magazines. These fabrics have also paved the way for smart clothing as well as wearable technology when these fabrics were combined with conductors, LED lights, and sensors.

PVC Fabric is preferred by most manufacturers because of its inherent qualities. Aside from being smooth, it is known for its strength and durability, making sure that the product retains its shape for a long time. This fabric is also flexible and versatile, thereby giving manufacturers countless design possibilities. It also has water-resistance quality, which makes it suitable for making inflatables, pool covers, etc.

PCV Fabrics are also resistive to flames and have high ignition temperature of around 455 degrees. They also have resistance to inflammable chemicals, oils and have stable chemical composition with no change in its molecular structure. PVC fabrics are pure polyester, which makes them mouldable and processable. Manufacturers are able to mould them to the desired shape easily.

PVC Fabrics come in different types and are applied in a wide range of areas. In the shoe industry, these are commonly used to provide comfort, shock absorbance, support, and strength. The type is usually different based on the requirements. Apart from clothing and fashion, it is also used in transportation industries as automobile tarps, covers, and sidewalls. In the construction industry, it is used for making oil booms, tarps, and for commercial sewing. One may also find it being used as patio enclosures and equipment covers.

Fabric Australia

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