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Bonded Polyester Thread is a type of sewing thread that is renowned for its high strength and versatility. These threads also have a certain amount of elasticity, which ensures that the fabric or material will not be damaged, and at the same time keep all the sewn parts firmly in place. These qualities have led to a wider spectrum of use in all areas of the sewing industry.

Bonded Polyester Thread has undergone a very unique bonding process that creates a protective coating, which enables the thread to resist needle friction and fraying. The special protective coating also ensures smooth stitching. With this, machines are able to sew this thread at a much faster rate with fewer thread breaks.

Bonded Polyester Thread is also able to resist the heat produced when the thread is sewn at higher speeds. In addition, because of the unique production process, this type of sewing thread is less likely to unravel when used for multi-dimensional sewing. This sewing thread has a higher resistance against UV rays and mildew when compared to bonded nylon threads. The innate qualities of polyester fibers give this thread such resistance.

Bonded Polyester Threads are ideal for use on commercial and industrial sewing machines because of their innate qualities. Because of this, these sewing threads are often used for sewing awnings, backpacks, boat covers, sailing, tarpaulins, and luggage. It’s also used for sewing boat covers and outdoor furniture.

Bonded Polyester Threads not only because of strength and versatility, but also because they have medium luster. Their sheen sits somewhere between cotton and rayon, which makes them perfect for a broader range of sewing projects. Initially, these threads appear darker on the spool, which is due to the protective coating. Nevertheless, the color will become lighter after being sewn into the fabric or material.

Sewing Thread Australia

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