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When sewing a product or item displayed outdoors, it would be best to use a thread that can withstand heat and rain. A thread that has UV properties is a great sewing thread to use. 

Gutermann Tera & Terabond UV Threads are must-have outdoor sewing threads. Aside from the fact that it bears the brand's name, which has earned widespread respect in the sewing industry, it also promises a high-quality sewing experience.

This article will go over why Tera & Terabond threads are the best to use when outdoor sewing items. 

What Are Tera & Terabond Threads? 

Terabond is a UV stabilised continuous filament polyester with a UV stabilised component and property. This thread also has an extremely high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and sewability. 

Terabond can be used in automotive, footwear, luggage and handbags, outdoor products, covers/web slings, canvas covers, and leather mending. It also has a high break strength and abrasion resistance, resulting in maximum seam strength. 

On the other hand, Tera has exceptionally high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and sewability. Furthermore, the excellent elongation properties ensure a beautiful and consistent seam appearance. 

This thread is suitable for use on leather goods and upholstery. It is also ideal for seams that require brilliance and high rub resistance. 

Tera thread is made entirely of continuous polyester filament. As a result of the heat-repellent preparation, it also has excellent thermal resistance. 

The surface of Gutermann Tera is silky and shiny, and it has high abrasion resistance. Tera is slightly stronger than Mara in comparable Tex sizes. It can also be used for outdoor fabrics like awnings, marine upholstery, umbrellas, and similar applications. 

Tera is resistant to UV and chlorine because it is made entirely of polyester; as a result, Tera is more commonly used outside or in areas with a lot of sunlight. 

What Makes Tera and Terabond Great at Sewing Outdoor Items? 

Both Tera and Terabond have undergone the process of "inner bonding." This is a bonding system in which polyester or nylon yarns are twisted around a thread-like inner strip. Following that, the thread is heated to a specific temperature. 

The bonding agent melts and specifically bonds the yarns, making the thread stronger. Furthermore, the thread's outer surface is much smoother, resulting in the "high sewability" for which Gutermann is famous. 

Aside from the fact that both threads are inner bonded, they also have UV properties, which is ideal for sewing items exposed outside. 

Polyester UV-resistant sewing threads are ideal for outdoor applications due to their durability, strength, and low shrinkage & stretch. 

Gutermann Tera & Terabond Threads at Vardhman Threads 

Vardhman Threads is the largest stockist of threads in Australia. Aside from threads, we also sell other sewing supplies to meet all of your sewing needs. 

Gutermann Tera and Terabond threads are available in various sizes and colours on our website. You'll almost certainly get the thread colour you want to go with your chosen fabric. 

Gutermann is a high-quality sewing thread often referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of sewing threads. It is manufactured in Germany but is now owned by "American & Efird LLC (A&E)" and controlled through a new factory in India under the Vardhman brand. 

Gutermann Tera Assortment 

If you check our website, you see different Gutermann Tera threads that you should get for your next sewing application. Tera threads are available from Vardhman Threads in Tera 80 (tex 35), Tera 40 (tex 70), and Tera 20 (tex 135) for any sewing projects you may have. 

Tera 80 

Tera 80 is 100% Polyester used to create durable, brilliant seams. This thread has exceptional break strength, abrasion resistance, and sewability. Because it is a tex 35, the needle size is NM 70-90/10-14. 

When you purchase Tera 80 from us, you will receive an 800m spool that can be used with domestic, semi-industrial, and industrial sewing machines. 

Tera 80 is suitable for leather goods, webbing, reinforcement areas, packs, tarps, hammocks, and any other application that requires a strong, highly durable thread. 

Benefits of Using Tera 80 in Sewing 

  • Outstanding rub and abrasion resistance 
  • Even when using fine needles, there are no issues. 
  • There will be no tearing of stitching holes. 
  • Sewability is exceptional. 
  • There is no risk of leather perforation even at high stitch densities. 
  • Because of the heat-repellent preparation, the product has a high thermal resistance. 
  • Sewing dependability at its peak 

Tera 40 

Tera 40 is also made entirely of polyester. It has an extremely high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and sewability. Because it is a tex 75, it requires a needle size of NM 90-110/14-18. 

When you buy Tera 40 from us, you'll get a 1200m spool of thread suitable for semi-industrial and industrial sewing machines. 

Tera 40 is appropriate for leather, workwear, home textiles, and upholstery. This thread is ideally suited for seams where brilliance and high rub resistance are required. 

Benefits of Using Tera 40 in Sewing 

  • Sewability is ideal. 
  • High tensile strength & wear resistance for long-lasting seams 

Tera 20 

Tera 20 is entirely made of polyester as well. It offers very high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and excellent sewability. Tera 20 requires a needle size NM 120-140/19-22 because it is a tex 150. 

When you purchase Tera 20, you will receive a 600m spool of thread for industrial sewing machines. 

Tera 20 can be used to sew leather goods and upholstery. It is also ideal for seams that require brilliance and high rub resistance, such as heavily strained holding seams

Benefits of Using Tera 20 in Sewing 

  • Excellent sewability 
  • Extremely high tensile strength and wear resistance for long-lasting seams 

If you decide to get or buy a thread for outdoor use, it is best to go with Gutermann Tera & Terabond threads from Vardhman Threads. 

Please contact us at 0412 324 443 or 03 5795 1730 if you have any further questions or concerns.

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