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gutermann thread tera 80

GUTERMANN Threads are a highly developed and technically superior product.   All threads have excellent sewability due to their engineered production techniques.

GUTERMANN  “MARA” is a totally new development using Polyester Micro-Core technology to create an advanced quality thread for the wide uses of the home sewer – Sizes 120 (Tex 35):  80 (Tex 45):  30 (Tex 90):  are available in a wide colour range.

The “MARA” 120 is widely used for sewing light fabrics and quilting.

The ‘MARA’ 80 is used to cover all basic sewing applications where a stronger thread is required i.e. medium weight fabrics, bag linings or a double seam.

GUTERMANN  ‘TERA’ is a continuous filament Inner Bonded Polyester with exceptional strength to size, highly anti-abrasive and very good against UV.
and is available in sizes 20 (Tex 135):  40 (Tex 70):  890 (Tex 35):

These superior threads enter the light industrial field as in Canvas, PVC or Upholstery, Horse Rugs, Saddle Blankets or the like.

The “TERA” 80 is a suitable thread for the home sewer where there may be a requirement for a “much stronger than usual” thread required which the basic domestic sewing machine can handle.

The ‘TERA’ 40 is one of our widest used threads due to its strength, its Inner Bonding and its excellent sewability.   Widely used in lighter upholstery, Canvas or PVC as used in craft work.

TERABOND UV -  a new development to cover the Industrial field of thread uses.

The continuous filament polyester, inner bonded and high stability against UV gives a potential for wide applications – i.e. Canvas, PVC, Boating, Camper Trailers, Shade Sails.   

We now offer sizes 10 (Tex 277):  15 (Tex 210):  20 (tex 135):  40 (Tex 70):


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